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Line Dance Instructions

  All About That Bass  VIEW
  American Kids (Instruction)  VIEW
  American Kids (Full Speed)  
  The Biker Shuffle (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  The Biker Shuffle (Part 2)  
  Blurred Line Dance (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  Blurred Line Dance (Part 2)  
  Canadian Stomp (Instruction)  VIEW
  Canadian Stomp (Full Speed)  
  Can’t Wang With It  VIEW
  The Cleveland Shuffle (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  The Cleveland Shuffle (Part 2)  
  Copperhead Road (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  Copperhead Road (Part 2)  
  Country Girl Shake  VIEW
  Cotton Eyed Joe (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  Cotton Eyed Joe (Part 2)  
  Cowboy Boogie (Instruction)  VIEW
  Cowboy Boogie (Full Speed)  
  Cowboy Charleston (Instruction)  VIEW
  Cowboy Charleston (Full Speed Jive Bunny)  
  Cupid Shuffle (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  Cupid Shuffle (Part 2)  
  Easy Fun  VIEW
  Electric Slide  VIEW
  Fireball  VIEW
  Geronimo  VIEW
New  The Git Up - Blanco Brown LIVE Featuring Lauren Alaina & Boot Boogie Babes  VIEW
New  Blanco Brown Performs & Teaches the Dance to 'The Git Up' [LIVE @ Margaritaville]   
New  Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Tutorial)  
New  The Git Up  
New  James Brown super Bad Line Dance  VIEW
New  Last Night  VIEW
New  The 'Michael Swing' Line Dance (Instruction)  VIEW
New  The 'Michael Swing' Line Dance (Full Speed)
    Watch the lady in the white slacks;
    she has it down.
New  Mr. Lonely (Official Instructional video by Choreographer Robert Royston)  VIEW
New  Mr. Lonely (Group Doing the dance with hats / without hats)  
New  Mr. Lonely (Official Video)  
  Riverbank Stomp (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  Riverbank Stomp (Part 2)  
New  Rockabilly Stroll (Instruction)  VIEW
New  Rockabilly Stroll (Full Speed)  
  Rolling Rhythm (Instruction)  VIEW
  Rolling Rhythm (Full Speed)  
New  The Shivers (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
New  The Shivers  
  Sleazy Slide (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  Sleazy Slide (Part 2)  
  The Two Step (Part 1 Instructional)  VIEW
  The Two Step (Part 2 original)  
  Tush Push (Tutorial)  VIEW
New  Until The Dawn (Let's Marvin Gaye And Get It On) (Tutorial)  VIEW
New  Until The Dawn - group  
  Whiskey Drinkin' SOB  VIEW
  The Wobble (Part 1 Tutorial)  VIEW
  The Wobble (Part 2)  


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